**(Currently Only Accepting Alabama Residents)**

  1. Manifest Financial Solutions, LLC requires all clients to maintain active credit monitoring for the duration of services. The cost is $24.99 and is necessary in order to track your progress during the credit repair journey( Deletions, Score Changes, New Accounts, etc.)

  2. Please DO NOT enroll if you are in an active bankruptcy. Discharged/dismissed bankruptcies are okay.

  3. You must complete Onboarding within 48 hours. It does not take long just make sure to have your documents available for upload. If you complete onboarding same day, your disputes will go out the following day.

  4. Please do not sign up if you are currently behind on bills. We do not want to burden you and be another bill added to your plate. We will be here whenever you are able and ready.

  5. The money back guarantee will be voided if: You have worked with another credit repair company within the last 6 months, Or you discontinue credit monitoring services at any point during the program.