Build Your Credit Here!

Your credit report is made up of a mix of components. This includes revolving credit (credit cards), personal loans, and installment loans just to name a few. Below are a couple of options to get you started. They are inexpensive and easy to set up.


Credit Builder Card

A secured credit card with guaranteed approval, regardless of your credit score. Your deposit counts as the first on time payment and reports to the 3 major bureaus before you even receive the card in the mail.


Rental Kharma

This allows for your rental history to be reported to the credit bureaus to help build your score. You can choose between past & present reporting or only present. Use code: MANIFEST for $25 off initial sign up, which is $50.


Self Lender Loan

Build your credit using a personal loan with Self Lender starting out as low as $25 a month. This helps with credit mixture, allowing you access to all points available for your credit score. Much like the credit builder card Self Lender guarantees approval.